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November 18th Update 19 days ago

Double Coins Event

Starting this Friday, November 19 through Sunday, ranked matches will give double coins as reward.

QoL improvements

We have continued to polish the client and completely reworked the hand management, now it is much faster and smoother and it's not slowed down by network lag. We recommend that you restart Steam as soon as possible and update the client to version

We will continue to improve this crucial aspect of the game for our players by speeding up the animations over time.

Duels changes

We have excluded some cards and runes from Duels, here is the list:

We have also changed the rewards for Duels. Now with only 4 wins you go even with the entry fee.

Each key obtained adds a number of tokens to the chest equivalent to the table below:

  • Key 1 and 2 => 1 token each
  • Key 3 and 4 => 2 tokens each
  • Key 5, 6 and 7 => 3 tokens each
  • Key 8, 9 and 10 => 4 tokens each
  • Key 11+ => 5 tokens each

Card changes

Absorb: gain its stats.

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